Sleep is a Major Key to Your Fitness Journey

Sleep is a Major Key to Your Fitness Journey


The tone of your day is set from the moment you open your eyes, but it also matters how long they were closed. This definitely isn’t the first time you’ve been told that sleep is important. Hitting the hay good makes every bit of difference but do you know why you should be getting those 7-9 hours?

If you aren’t getting enough sleep, your whole body is affected, and much more than just being a little groggy at work. Sleep is our bodies way of rejuvenating, recovering, and healing from all the strenuous activity throughout the day. Our health depends on that time and without it you are significantly neglecting your body.

Sleep deprivation can directly affect leptin and ghrelin, two hormones in the body that communicate with the brain regarding hunger and fullness. This in turn can create the desire to overeat, binge, or snack, even when you’re full. This ultimately leads to weight gain as the body doesn’t process food the same when it feels you are hungry.

The most noticeable effect tends to be the lack of ability to concentrate or think clearly throughout the day. As a result, your overall productivity will decrease . Your creativity, problem-solving and communication skills will be negatively impacted. Along the same lines, a lack of sleep interferes with the brain’s ability to help you process and remember information, meaning ultimately- get some sleep.

A healthy lifestyle involves more than just a good diet and regular exercise. Many health and fitness coaches are turning to sleep as another crucial element of success. It is often regarded as the third pillar to good health alongside diet and exercise.

Looking and feeling good goes far beyond getting yourself to the gym. If the only thing you are doing to help your health is push your body to the max on the treadmill or in the free weights, and meal prep, you won’t get the internal results you are looking for. Make sure you are getting intentional shut eye and your progress will be felt from the inside out.

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