Why Use BCAAs?

Why Use BCAAs?


Many fitness enthusiasts love their BCAAs, but not enough people know the reasons behind the obsession. BCAAs are a dietary supplement that can improve not only your physical gains but also your overall health and wellness. Let’s break things down scientifically.

Amino acids are the organic compounds that make up proteins in your body. BCAAs are the branched chain amino acids, specifically leucine, isoleucine, and valine. These amino acids make up 1/3 of the muscle mass in your body.

There are 20 amino acids. Of the 20, 11 are non-essential, meaning that our bodies produce them naturally. The other 9 are essential amino acids. Our bodies do not produce these essential amino acids naturally and therefore the only way we can obtain them is through our diet. We can get them through meat, dairy, and poultry products but one way to ensure you are getting enough is through taking a supplement such as MegaFit BCAAs.

BCAAs are rapidly absolved into the bloodstream, bypassing liver processing, and are quickly used by active tissue, most often muscle tissue. This boosts their benefits and helps your body obtain them quicker. They also act as another fuel source for your body, giving you energy and endurance.

Research has shown that, when taken on a regular basis, BCAAs can reduce fatigue during exercise, improve muscle endurance, strengthen your immune system, promote muscle synthesis, and reduce soreness and damage.

Take them during, or post workout to give your training that extra boost and feel the benefits for yourself.

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